First post

It’s hard to write an introduction when I don’t know what direction, if any, the blog will go in. I guess it’s useful for the reader to know something about me, but how much do I want to share? What do people want to know? What is relevant? The third question is hard to answer because I have ideas for all sorts of things I want to write about, but will I actually write about all (or any!) of them? Will the blog go off on an unexpected tangent? (Quite possibly…)

I started writing and thought about starting a blog several months ago, around the time that I was diagnosed as autistic. After the penny finally dropped that it was pretty damn likely I was autistic I found myself analysing past and current events in my life. There were lots of “aha!” moments where things finally made sense and writing was a way of helping me to make sense of things.

Some posts will be directly related to being an autistic adult who was diagnosed late (age 38) whereas others might be vaguely related, or unrelated, we’ll see.

This post will probably be edited multiple times as the blog (hopefully) develops.

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